About Us


Kerry Hughes, Ethno-Botanical Explorer

 Ethnobotanist, Herbalist and Author, Kerry Hughes - with a 20-year record-of-success in natural product development - works at the nexus of market opportunity identification, global natural product ingredient development and innovative product formulation.  


Areas of Expertise


· Natural Products Development & Formulation 

· Ethno-Botanical Discovery & Education

· Added-value Supplychain Development & Sustainability 


Plants Can Heal People & the Planet

 Kerry Hughes and EthnoPharm are driven by the tenacious fascination with the potential health enhancing role plants can play, and our purpose is Ethno-Botanical Discovery and strategically innovating and expanding the boundaries of new natural product development. We aim to catalyze phyto-product breakthroughs that have been applied to bring to market new, efficacious and profitable products that not only heal people but also protect our threatened global biodiversity.