Work with Ethnopharm to Elevate your Natural Product Brand from Field to Finished Product.


Ethnopharm is dedicated to partnering with companies to bring new plants and plant products to market. We accomplish this through the following kinds of engagements:

• Ethnobotanical Discovery & Branded Ingredient Development

Making use of the Ethnopharm Biodiversity Database (EBD), new plants and plant products are identified for innovation. Ethnopharm has played an important role in early stage new plant and plant product development for decades, bringing plant products to market, as well as innovation for ingredient branding.

• Storytelling Branding

Partner with Ethnopharm to tell your brand story from the field to formula. We will do a deep-dive of the supplychain and show the world the uniqueness of a brand’s approach, while telling the stories of the plants, sustainability attributes and cultures they come from. From Field Excursions & Marketing Videos to Technical Claims and Reviews.

• Natural Products Formulation

We focus on the “functional side” of the formulation. Development of products that really work! Product Development consulting with an Ethnobotanist & Clinical Herbalist.

• Brand Partnerships

Partner with Ethnopharm in order to bring new innovative directions to product development or for development of formulations that are truly experiential and can truly deliver the benefits they promote. We may be engaged for the innovation and PD process, market development, for building sustainability strategy, or for assistance in promotion and education.

• Added-value Supplychain Development & Sustainability

With a worldwide network of sustainable suppliers, and sustainability strategies that disrupt!

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